Jaime PresslyThe American rights to DOA: Dead or Alive (Oh how I wish it stood for Dead on Arrival - think of the nasty headlines onces the movie comes out!) - a German-produced film based on yet another a best-selling video game - have just been acquired by Dimension films, who plan to release it sometime next fall.

Shot in China and directed by Transporter helmer Corey Yuen, the film has a cast that seems to be made up entirely of Chinese soldiers and really hot chicks, most of them blonde. (Unusually for a German-produced video game film, however, it shows no trace of Uwe Boll.) Based on the trailer, the "hot" angle seems to be pretty much all they've got in terms of promotion - I may not be living right, but I've never a)needed help putting a bra on, or b)managed to successfully get into one on by throwing it up in the air and using my martial arts skills to slip into it as it falls.

Apart from audiences and fans of the game, the biggest loser here is co-star Jaime Pressly. Critically acclaimed for her fantastic work as Earl's ex Joy in My Name Is Earl, her career is really finally getting going - and now she's got this (apparent) piece of crap showing up, threating to push her back into the T&A pool.
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