Scarface poster from screenplayJust how much do you love the 1983 remake of Scarface, the movie starring Al Pacino? Someone apparently loved it enough to create this poster. Look closely—the image is made up of the entire script of the film, handwritten. Can you imagine copying an entire screenplay by hand, much less doing it in a way that ends up resembling a poster of the film? The Star Wars franchise, maybe, or a witty script that would be a pleasure to enjoy reading while transcribing (naturally I am thinking of a Billy Wilder script, or perhaps the Coens) ... but Scarface? The script was written by Oliver Stone, but there are more compelling Stone scripts.

Not only that, but LA Pop Art, the site that sells this poster, has a second Scarface poster for sale, also made from a handwritten transcription of the screenplay. The site doesn't reveal the artist's identity, but says here that the posters were commissioned by Universal Studios ... so it wasn't all a labor of fan love, after all. Still, I wonder how much demand there is for this particular poster. Think you'll find one under the Christmas tree this year?

[via GreenCine Daily]
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