Gong LiAfter playing in films like 2046 and The Emperor and the Assassin, Gong Li (or should it be Li Gong? Even Roger Ebert can't decide...)will soon make a giant American splash with three big films; Memoirs of a Geisha, Miami Vice and Young Hannibal. While promoting Geisha, she shelled out some juicy info regarding her bad girl roles in that 80's TV remake as well as - now what exactly is this - a prequel to a prequel? In Miami Vice she plays - get this - a Cuban Chinese woman who heads up a drug cartel. "I had to express the lines in English with a Cuban accent. I had a Cuban teacher and he has a very strong Cuban accent in English." Okay, I wouldn't place myself anywhere near the list of people even remotely interested in seeing this film, but a very tiny, miniscule part of me is somewhat curious to see her pull this off. What about you? In Young Hannibal (which also goes by the name "Yeah, So He Eats People. I Get It Already!"), Li takes on another bad girl role as she plays, what appears to be a certain kind of (romantic?) mentor to Hannibal while he's growing up and learning that eating people (do we taste like chicken too?) is actually pretty neat. In this one she'll be speaking English with a British accent. Damn, is it me or are they really testing her versatility here?
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