medium.jpgGlenn Gordon Caron, producer of Medium (and creator of Moonlighting – but let's move on before I start gushing), has made a few comments in the media in recent days regarding his decision to write product-placement for Sony's Memoirs of a Geisha into last week's episode.

I can't find the original article online, but according to IMDB News, Caron told the New Jersey Record that the deal was very much about mutual back-scratching. A representative from Sony apparently called Caron to inform him that the studio was "very interested in advertising on the show and very interested in having the characters in the show encounter the movie." Caron's response? "What's in it for me?" The Sony rep offered to buy ads shilling Medium in "publications that we otherwise would not have the money to advertise in" to promote the Geisha-hawking episode. "I thought that was a good thing," Caron told the Record. In a seperate interview with Jam! Showbiz, Caron confirmed that those publications included TV Guide and USA Today, and that the deal was definitely designed to broaden Medium's audience. "Medium is a show still sort of in the business of acquiring viewers," he said. "There are still people out there I'd like to sample the show."

Do his comments make you feel any differently about the whole situation?
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