bittorrent.jpgIn an interview to appear in this week's Newsweek, 30-year-old BitTorrent CEO Bram Cohen confirms that he's been taking meetings with Dan Glickman, head of the MPAA, about possible joint ventures between the file sharing network and the lobbying organization. "[Glickman] seems really interested in what to do next," Cohen tells the magazine. "Everyone knows that things are changing, and I believe he's very interested in adapting. I was really surprised at how if you go to them nonconfrontationally they respond in kind."

Now, according to Slyck, who are in turn quoting an MPAA press release, Cohen and Glickman have scheduled a press conference at the American Film Institute for 2 PM PST this afternoon. Slyck's Thomas Menneke writes, "Although the MPAA is not releasing information on the details of this press conference, it’s likely the two will announce the resolution of a deal." With really only the Newsweek article to go on, the kids on the internets are speculating that Glickman and Cohen have worked out a plan to make BitTorrent Hollywood's official online distribution system. Which, of course, would be huge.

If anyone manages to catch this press conference on TV or in person, please send in any info you can, and we'll be on the lookout for blogs filing early reports.

[via Slyck Forums via Digg]