Pink Panther; Steve MartinWay back in April, Karina reviewed the original, chillingly awful trailer for Sony's remake of The Pink Panther. Shortly after that trailer was released, the movie was pushed back - to the summer of 2005. Don't remember seeing it? Yeah, that's because it was eventually pulled altogether, to be released in the doldrums of winter 2006 - possibly because of the horrible buzz about the film that was all over the internet.

Well, Sony have now taken a deep breath and are trying to promote their film again - you have to give them credit for at least admitting they own it, I guess. They're going to so far as to send out the new trailer to websites, apparently hoping (assuming?!) that it'll be the magic ticket they need to turn that nasty buzz into praise. Which would be a good idea if the trailer was an improvement in any way over the first one - but it's not.

It's still painfully non-funny, and the movie still looks like a depressingly forced, awkward piece of work by two talentedactors. Disturbingly, the main change is the insertion of long scene of Steve Martin trying to learn how to say "I want to buy a hamburger" in a "flawless American accent," which seems to indicate that someone at Sony put a frightening amount of stock in the one positive review that the film has ever received. Friends, when Lloyd Grove is driving the marketing decisions of a major studio, something has gone very, very wrong.
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