In the PirkinningA couple of months ago, we let you know about Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, a Finnish Star Trek fanfilm/parody. When that post was made, the film had been downloaded nearly 500,000 times in the four days its website had been live. Based on those numbers, there was immediately some discussion of the possibility that the film could slip into the list of the most-viewed Finnish films of all time.

Well, In the Pirkinning has been downloaded at an incredible rate over the almost two months that it's been available, and the just-under three million separate downloads (not counting mirror sites) to this point have officially launched it to the top of the most-viewed list. The previous record-holder - based on theatrical viewings, obviously - was a 1955 film called The Unknown Solider, which was seen by 2.8 million people.

Yes, it's another sign of the power of the internets - how do you think studios will respond to this one? Paying fans to make their own films, thereby drumming up interest and audiences? Ignore it? Make more penguin movies?