Tamara posterNotwithstanding the fact that I'd never heard of it until today, Tamara is now officially sharing the top of my "Crap I Can't Wait to See" list with the already-legendary Snakes on a Plane. It's full of people you've never heard of and looks utterly fantastic, in a total guilty pleasure sort of way. Yeah, go ahead - scoff away. When you're done scoffing, however, click on the link below, check out the trailer for yourself, and join me in slack-jawed regard for the glorious trash on display. College kids! Sex! Accidental murder! Sex! Zombies! Witchcraft! Sex! Lesbianism! Mind control! I mean, what the hell is not to love?! I ask you.

Originally slated for a January 31, 2006 direct-to-DVD release (always a good sign) by Lion's Gate, the film's premiere last month at the New York City Horror Film Festival showed to a sold out audience. As a result of the enthusiastic reception (seriously), Lion's Gate signed a deal with City Films for a brief theatrical run beginning either late this month or early in December. That's right, people: there's a buzz. A tiny, slightly demented one, but a buzz nonetheless. (And remember, The Pink Pantherdoesn't even have that.)

[via JoBlo]