Charlize TheronCharlize Theron and longtime-love Stuart Townsend have finally announced a wedding date. The couple says they will tie the knot when and if it becomes legal for gay and lesbian couples to get married in America. Theron said on the show Extra that she and Townsend are sick of being asked all the time when they're going to get married, so they decided to wait until gay people have the same right to marriage as hetero couples.

It's actually kind of nice to see a celeb putting their money, er, marriage where their mouths are. Sure, it's hip in Hollywood to wave the gay rights banner, but how many couples would tie their own wedding plans to a political issue? In other non-wedding news, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will not have a shotgun wedding, in spite of Cruise knocking up the formerly Catholic and "virginal" Holmes before they wed. Cruise reportedly tells Barbara Walters in an upcoming interview the couple plan to get married next year, after their lovechild is born. No word on whether their delay is for political reasons, or just so Holmes can look svelte in her wedding dress.

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