Milo VentimigliaFans of Gilmore Girls (hey, don't look at me) probably were never the target demographic for Rocky Balboa - but now, with the casting of Rocky's son, teenage girls will suddenly be clamoring to see the old man fight. That's because Milo Ventimiglia, best known for playing Jess, the hot, troubled loner (really, is there any other kind?) who briefly dated Rory on the WB show, has officially been announced as Rocky Jr. Ventimiglia, who actually looks a bit like Stallone, replaces Sage Stallone, who made his screen debut in the role in Rocky V. Really, that guy was totally unconvincing - whose idea was that, anyway?

Filming starts next month in Philadelphia and LA, and if there's not at least one shot of Rocky and his walker going up those steps in Philly, I'm going to need by money back.
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