Chronicles of NarniaIf I were you, I'd take the next couple of minutes (because what else do you have to do, really?) and surf on over to Moviefone to check out their pretty cool Narnia hook up. They just scored an exclusive clip, introduced by director Andrew Adamson, which features a beautiful intro to the final battle of the film.

Yeah. Uh, folks - it looks super cool. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan in the world of the books or this film, but based on the trailer and this clip, I actually see myself getting in line for this one. Some of the other cool stuff Moviefone features are a full Narniacharacter guide, an interactive map, trailers, behind-the-scenes visual effects, info on the locations and sets, as well as Adamson giving us a brief overview of the story. I gotta say it's a nice way to prepare for the film which opens wide on December 9th.

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