POTC 2Listen up folks: If anyone asks, this post doesn't exist. And what I'm about to tell you really never happened. You dreamt it as part of some warped, drug-induced fantasy conjured up at some point overnight, while supermodels dressed as sugar plums danced over your head. It really was a fantastic dream, remember? In the dream, someone leaked the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest trailer. It was this magical experience, complete with a handful of screenshots leftover – strictly for those frequent "more Captain Jack!" moments. What was strange about this dream is that there were these instructions to visit a certain website and then click on the movie category featured towards the top right of the screen. Wasn't that bizarre? And the website was really busy at the time so it was hard to get through. Anyway, one can only imagine a day when this dream will become a reality; hopefully soon. Well, that's unless Disney has anything more to say about it.

Note: This post will self destruct in thirty minutes.

UPDATE: The link to the trailer (that you dreamt about, remember?) mysteriously vanished, but you can find it here. Go quick!