50cent.jpgRemember that whole thing with the guy getting shot inside the multiplex that just happened to be showing Get Rich or Die Tryin'? The Pittsburgh-area Loews immediately yanked the Jim Sheridan film from it's screens, but now it's starting to look like the film had nothing to do with the tragic crime – the victim and his assailant, apparently, had an old feud dating back to their prison days. Though the suspect has been apprehended and there have been exactly zero reports of violence relating to the film at other locations, Loews hasn't yet made a decision to welcome Tryin' back to its screens, although their corporate spokesman, John McCauley, did release a statement yesterday full of meaningless PR speak ("We will continue to do our best to provide a friendly, safe and secure environment for our patrons.") Even though the initial move to pull the film was reactionary and probably totally unnecessary, at this point, Loews has seen what the picture can gross – it's probably not worth the trouble to clear screen space for it.
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