Sometime yesterday, I posted a few paragraphs about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbeanmovies (2 and 3) that contained a bit of spoiler information. Sometime today, Disney realized that this information was on the Web, and has been methodically working to remove this information. As such, we here at Cinematical received the following email today:


Hello Cinematical Crew -

My name is <edited> and I work with Disney on the film releases.  As you know, Latino Review posted a review of the POTC 3 script earlier this week.  They have since removed the review and we have been working to get it removed from other sites, as well.  I saw that you are hosting the review here:

Is it possible for you to remove it?  We are very sensitive to surprises from the 2nd and 3rd films to be ruined for fans.



A brief follow up correspondence with Disney indicated to us that not only is it "possible" for us to remove it, it is in fact imperative. Ergo, the post has been gutted.

Interesting…we post on all kinds of crazy rumors that surface on the web, and usually nobody gives a hoot. Given how this one seems to have been based on an actual script review, it seems as though the legitimacy factor for what we reported must have been high enough to make Disney worry. Wacky.

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