ultrasoundThat Tom Cruise, he's such a character. IMDB reports that Cruise has purchased a sonogram machine (which he will later donate to a hospital) so he can have up-to-the-minute updates on the progress of his baby with Katie Kate Holmes. What, is he expecting his spawn to grow horns do something vastly unusual in its growing that normal babies don't do? The regular 20-week, "check the baby, see what sex it is" ultrasound isn't good enough?

Isn't it just a wee bit ironic that Cruise blasted Brooke Shields for getting medical help for her postpartum depression, but apparently has no problems with blasting his unborn child with ultrasound at his personal whim? Maybe Cruise needs to do a little research on the potentially harmful effects of unnecessary ultrasounds. While it's generally true that ultrasound is considered safe for prenatal use, the studies that have been done have been around women having normal ultrasounds (one, maybe two), performed by people (presumably with actual medical training) who know what they are doing. Not by enthusastic actors blasting their unborn children with ultrasound waves all the time just to see how things are cooking.

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