So we’ve been hearing news of the latest Phillip K. Dick novel adaptation A Scanner Darkly for quite some time now. I think way back in February there were trailers, and shooting wrapped up in mid summer, if my memory serves. They’ve been dodgy about a release date thus far, however, vaguely suggesting something to the effect of “maybe in March, if we feel like it. If we’ve got, y’know, all that other stuff done and haven’t drank too much the night before.” Well, they’ve now nailed down a date for us, just barely scraping in under their March announcement with a March 31st release. Their major competition on that date thus far will beSlither and Ice Age 2.

 Am I excited about this? Well, as a Sci-Fi geek you’ve basically got to worship Phillip K. Dick. It’s more or less a requirement. Movies based on his work, on the other hand…*sigh*. I, for one, am a big fan of Blade Runner (at least the director’s cut), but that’s really about as far as you can go with Phil’s movie-ized novels. And even that, a lot of people will disagree on. Don’t even try to go Minority Report on me, cause I ain’t listening. Let’s hope they get it right this time.

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