BahamasMembers of the press who had been interested in attending the Bahamas International Film Festival (A film festival? In the tropics? What's not to love?) are finding themselves much less enthusiastic these days because of an email sent by festival organizers. According to said email, attending journalists will be required to schedule at least two interviews - with filmmakers selected from a list of the organizers' choosing - when they check in at the festival. Hmm. So the festival is less a showcase than a forced media junket, then? Yeah, I don't see this working out so well.

As a result of the email, at least two critics have decided not to attend. And since those numbers were found with exactly zero searching, I'm guessing they're very much not alone. In fact, this little "request" potentially damages the festival's attendance and reputation so several that I wouldn't be surprised to see it quietly disappear very quickly.
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