Katie LeungHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire actress Katie Leung visited China recently as part of a promotional push for the last movie on earth that needs any sort of promotional help whatsoever. Though she speaks no Chinese, Leung (her parents are from Hong Kong; she was born and raised in Scotland) was subject to frenzied press attention upon her arrival in Beijing.

Apparently at least one reporter was unimpressed by the role of Cho Chang, and said to Leung, "Your role is not so big, are you depressed?" Damn. What, exactly, did the man expect? Shouts of anguish? A tearful confession of deep-seated bitterness? Leung, being a classy lass, gave the ever-useful "I'm just happy to be here" answer, which works in almost every situation.

Despite Leung's presence, however, Warner Brother's faces big hurdles at the Chinese box office. Though the movie has so far made about $5 million in almost two weeks, the cheapest tickets cost just over $4, while bootlegs of the movie can already be found for $1.
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