Russell Crowe and Nicole KidmanWay back in May, we reported that Baz Luhrmann was looking for a way to get Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman to shack up in his new film; a Gone With The Wind-style epic set down under. Well, according to Crowe himself, the two have been confirmed to star in the pic which, as of now, seems to be Luhrmann's frontrunner follow up to Moulin Rouge. It has been known for awhile that Baz (such a great name, right?) had been working on three separate epics: Alexander the Great, "The European epic" and "The Australian epic." With casting confirmed (keep in mind Crowe himself isn't exactly the most reliable human on the planet), it seems the latter film may make its way to the top and, according to the Gladiator, will be financed by Fox. Finally, it seems as if Crowe and Kidman will get their chance to star in a film together for the first time. Last spring, Eucalyptus (based on the Australian novel) was postponed indefinitely (translation: Not happening!) due to what some believe was a crappy script, in what would've marked their pair's onscreen debut.
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