Denzel WashingtonDespite the horrors of Katrina and the subsequent departure of at least a handful of movie productions from New Orleans and its devastated surroundings, Louisiana "state officials expect to exceed last year's [spending and employment] numbers." Last year, the roughly two dozen or so productions that visited Louisiana created more than 3000 jobs and added nearly $400 million dollars the state's economy; though productions have been chased from New Orleans, movies are rapidly returning to other parts of the state, and jobs and money are fully expected follow.

Currently filming just north of New Orleans is the epic bouncer flick Road House 2, the crew of which is largely Louisiana-based. Needless to say, with so many people struggling to find work, the production has been welcomed with open arms. Also scheduled to start filming soon are the Denzel Washington thriller Deja Vu, which will be braving New Orleans beginning in February, and Disney's The Guardian, which will start up in Shreveport next month.
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