twinpeaks.jpgWay back in the early 90s, after Twin Peaks' ratings dropped (surprisingly enough, in direct correlation to its quality) and ABC cancelled the series, David Lynch planned to continue the saga of Harry S. Truman, Audrey Horne, et al through several films. But after the studio slashed an hour and a half from Lynch's cut of Fire Walk With Me, then (mis)marketed the Twin Peaks prequel as a slasher flick, and all involved watched it bomb, Lynch's plans for multiple films were eventually dropped. Now, according to TP co-creator Mark Frost, the franchise may live on in a new vehicle for Kyle MacLaughlin's character, Agent Dale Cooper.

"We've talked a little about [a new project], and it's a possibility down the road," Frost said in an interview with MTV. "I think it would be hard to re-create the world of Twin Peaks at this point, but Kyle is still there and still a terrific actor, and that's a character we could possibly take other places." In the 13 years since FWWM, MacLaughlin has had a hand (and, quite often, other body parts as well) in a number of pop cultural phenomena, from Sex in the City to Showgirls. But I know I'll always associate him with the work he did with/for Lynch, in Twin Peaks but also in Blue Velvet and Dune – let's hope, if the new project does get off the ground, it doesn't do anything to screw up that legacy.
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