kingkong.jpgIn 2004, Peter Jackson made Hollywood history by becoming the only director to ever earn three consecutive Directors Guild of America nominations stemming from the same film shoot (he made a movie about hobbits. It got split into three parts. Try to keep up.) Now, there's a rumor going around that Jackson is fighting with the guild to secure director's credits for two key collaborators on his latest epic, King Kong. According to David Poland, Jackson feels that the film's two lead animators (to be honest, there are so many names on the film's IMDB profile that I'm not sure who exactly Poland is referring to) deserve a special "Animation Directed By" credit for their efforts in actualizing the film's star, the Big Fake Gorilla himself. The DGA is not exactly generous about handing out credits; as you'll no doubt remember, Robert Rodriguez asked them to recognize Frank Miller's contribution to Sin City, and the director ended up quitting the Guild over it. But just because the DGA has never, ever allowed such a thing in the past, that doesn't mean that Jackson and his animators are necessarily out of luck ... does it?
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