Cameron DiazCameron Diaz has really done it this time. The actress ticked off the U.K. cerebral palsy charity SCOPE (formerly known as The Spastic Society) by referring to her childhood awkwardness as "spastic". A spokesperson for SCOPE lambasted Diaz for the comment and accused her of encouraging "disabilism".

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get how Diaz's remark encourages anyone to mock on the disabled. Diaz was a teen in the 1980s, when the term "spastic", as I recall from my own high school years, was used pretty freely to refer to someone who was hyper, exuberant, or generally "odd"  -- "Wow, that Napoleon Dynamite - he's such a spaz!"  I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the term "spastic" in a negative way directed at an actual disabled person. My youngest son has epilepsy, and I don't take offense at Diaz labeling her behavior in her youth as "spastic". Anyone else out there have a different take? Do you find Diaz's remark offensive? Or is SCOPE being a little too sensitive?

[via The Daily Dish]

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