Protocols Of Zion

Calling writer-director Marc Levin a Jewish crusader would be a bit of a misleading semantic oversimplification. True, the New Jersey-raised New Yorker is Jewish by birth, but he considers himself secular. He does speak up for those things in which he strongly believes, but he is by no means a single-minded doer-of-good. Marc Levin is instead a literate and genial champion of logic, and in his challenging new personal documentary The Protocols Of Zion, he holds up a centuries-old tradition of thoughtless anti-Semitism for us to consider. He also manages to do so without appearing smug and as if his word was some kind of gospel which the rest of us to follow, offering respect for our intelligence instead of the kind of self-righteous disdain that a new vegetarian has for all those who enjoy the occasional Big Mac.

The film examinines the grand historical fraud that is the great, cabalistic Jewish playbook known as The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion. It just opened in the U.S. and is now opening in cities around the world. He took a generous amount of time out of his European promotional tour to talk with Cinematical: