Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe (or his handlers, or parents, or bankers, or cousins) clearly has some sense of what it's going to take for him to have a career post-Harry Potter. While he has to publicly respect the franchise that's simultaneously given him world-wide film and made him the richest boy wizard of all time, he also needs to somehow distance himself from the character if he has any hope of ever playing a non-wizard. Step one, it appears, is showing the world he's got a sense of humor about himself: Radcliffe has been confirmed as a guest star for season two of Ricky Gervais' Extras TV series.

I don't know whose idea this gig was, but it's a really brilliant move - the news alone will lead people who tend to be cynical about this kid and his volcanic fame (I'm not speaking of myself, of course, but I've heard such people are out there) to immediately assume he's a far sight cooler than they had thought. Suddenly, non-Potter fans are actually looking forward to seeing Radcliffe in something, and he's another step closer to world domination.
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