Steven SpielbergAccording to an article in LA Weekly, Steven Spielberg has decided there will be no press junkets, premiere or Oscar marketing campaign for his new film Munich, due out December 23rd. The risky move, which somewhat mimics Mel Gibson's non-existent Oscar push for last year's The Passion of the Christ, puts the public in a rare "judge for yourself because we're not shoving this one down your throat" position. Even though the whole "ignore Oscar" stunt backfired on Gibson when Passion was not-surprisingly overlooked, regardless of the fact that it raked in cash faster than a Harry Potter anything, voters often view Spielberg as their drug of choice come Oscar time. Yeah, so don't think anyone will be skipping over this giant. In fact, some feel Spielberg may, instead, be motivated by an appearance on the cover of Time magazine (still not confirmed) in the near future
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