George ClooneyThat George Clooney. He's coming off the worst year of his life, during which he lost his brother-in-law to a heart attack, saw his dad lose a bid for re-election, suffered a major back injury, considered suicide, and had to personally beat a rattle snake to death with a baseball bat as it was killing his dog, and yet the man still hasn't his ability to laugh at practical jokes.

According to a (not surprisingly) source-free story at Spotlight News, all that stuff about Brad Pitt's upcoming wedding is nothing but a clever prank on the press, perpetrated by those crazy kids, Brad and George. Reacting to rampant tabloid rumors about Jolie-Pitt nuptials at Clooney's Italian villa, the pair allegedly "decided to hire some people and to dress them as if there was a wedding going on at the villa, to play a prank on the paparazzi and to make them spend money on helicopters." If this is true, someone REALLY needs to find more to do.
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