Tideland Perhaps I shouldn't say anything, but I'm really bad at keeping secrets. Don't tell me you have a crush on another co-worker, don't ask me to keep that surprise twist ending to myself, don't bring me along while you shop for Christmas presents and, whatever you do, don't ask me to promise or swear on anything because it's probably not going to happen. I'm much too hyper of a person to keep the details of a certain film quiet for long. My best friend will literally run out of the room screaming horrible things whenever a movie's plot enters the discussion. I'm not sure why I'm like this; maybe it's because my father was the exact same way and still is, but writing for Cinematical probably doesn't help the situation. Or maybe it does. Who knows? Have you ever ruined a movie for someone? Or worse, has anyone ever let the cat out of the bag around you? One thing's for sure: I'm not hiding anything with this week's Trailer Park:
  • Here's something that's not a secret: Jeff Bridges is grossly underrated as an actor. In Tideland, he plays a widowed heroin addict who moves from the big city into a rural farmhouse with his young daughter. Yet, while he's off "on vacation," his little girl is secretly communicating with bodiless Barbie doll heads and a strange woman in a beekeeper's veil. Our fingers are crossed as director Terry Gilliam gears up for Round 2 with the critics. (Note: You'll have to search a little through the film's website in order to find the trailer. Fun stuff!) 
  • Rumor Has It that Jennifer Aniston is in a lot of freaking movies lately. Here she struggles to seek the truth about her conception after learning that her family may have been the inspiration behind the book and the film, The Graduate. Now, there's a secret Mom and Dad may want to keep to themselves.
  • Hands down, Breakfast on Pluto is my favorite movie title of the year. In Pluto, a foster kid with a secret, who grows up in rowdy Ireland, ultimately leaps out of the closet upon moving to London where he tranforms into a transvestite caberet singer. How's that for a story to bring back to your 10-year high school reunion?
  • Man, I really feel bad for all those kids that picked on Tamara in school. I especially feel bad for the ones that accidentally killed her and buried the body in the woods. What they didn't know at the time was that she secretly was a witch, who somehow comes back to life as one hot babe, only to lay the smack down upon those who wronged her. This is exactly why I never said anything bad about that quiet kid in math class.
  • Something tells me we're going to be seeing a lot of Justin Timberlake on screen in the future. In Edison, he plays a journalist who uncovers a secret clan of corrupt cops, only to discover he's about to get some wicked acting tips from Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and, dare I say it, LL Cool J. (Interesting trailer note: Notice how Timberlake only has two lines, yet his face is in the entire trailer. Wonder if that was done on purpose?)