The King of Creepy Faces, Willem Dafoe, is set to star in independent thriller/drama Anamorph by director Henry S. Miller. Dafoe will play Stan Aubrey, a veteran cop responsible for the death of a famous murderer five years before the events of the film. The story begins with Stan and his partner Carl Unger investigating a copycat killer mimicking the guy put down by Stan five years ago. Throughout the course of the movie, Carl begins to suspect the legitimacy of his partner’s work in that earlier case.

As far as I am concerned, nobody can play a more unsettling/creepy character better than Dafoe. He’s got facial expression acting like nobody in the business. I don’t know what this movie will be like as far as plot, film quality, musical score- or really anything; but as far as I’m concerned, Dafoe in a part like this is worth the price of admission.


(Note: I’m not saying that Dafoe in a movie makes it a good movie; there’s evidence to the contrary of that.)

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