There are still two money-making days left, but considering this weekend has already been underway for frickin' ever, now seems like as good a time as ever to look at the early numbers. And, frankly, it's hard to imagine anything happening to turn what's already been set in motion around. From Wednesday's gate, Harry Potter continued to zap all competition – although, interestingly, Walk the Line is holding on just as well. The two films have earned $35.8 and $22 million, respectively, for the weekend thus far, and it seems unlikely any of the week's new releases will come from behind to knock either out of the top two slots. Yours, Mine, Ours has the best chance; the family flick has dragged in about $14 million thus far. Elsewhere, Rent is beating my paltry expectations (although even at pegging its weekend gross at $12 million, I could have won $50 from someone who was sure the crap musical would make a lot less than that), and The Ice Harvest  is barely harvesting anything at all – Focus will be lucky if the pic crosses the $5 million mark by Sunday night.