Bubba Ho-TepVirtually from the moment Bubba Ho-Tep was released, rumors have been rampant about a planned sequel, Bubba Nosferatu. Most of these rumors come from a fairly well-informed source: Bubba Ho-Tep star Bruce Campbell has confessed that he's working on the sequel, which would find him playing a "young Elvis battling a New Orleans vampire while shooting one of his many bad films in that city." Nice. Director Don Coscarelli, too, wants to make the movie. Unfortunately, as Mark reported here last month, money problems seem to have torpedoed any hopes that the movie would be made.

Or have they? In a recent interview with Fangoria, Coscarelli confessed to an interest in taking part in the second season of Showtime's Masters of Horror series - "as long as...Bubba Nosferatu doesn't get in the way." Though this is nothing approaching confirmation, it's certainly a positive sign. After all, why would Coscarelli have the movie on his schedule if it was never going to be made? Hell, we can at least move this thing from the "Not in a Million Years" pile to the one labeled "Well, Maybe". Woo hoo!
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