• This is the most fantastic trailer I’ve seen in ages.
  • Movie Web gives us an early look at Milla Jovovich in upcoming sci-fi thriller Ultraviolet. Milla plays a futuristic “hemophage,” a human who is set apart from others by a vampiric genetic disorder giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. The normal, healthy humans get concerned about the “diseased” humans, and start killing them off. Sounds to me like somebody is jealous.
  • In the digi animated realm, we’ve got a final production poster for fairy tale flick Hoodwinked(courtesy of Cinema Blend) and Latino Review shows us an early image of Kung Fu Panda. Yay?
  • If you are the sort of person who really digs production posters, you can pop on over to Cinema Blend for a poster roundup they put together.
  • Did you click on that link in my first sentence? If so I laugh hysterically at you, because you just watched a trailer for Uwe Boll’s upcoming two-part epic, Dungeon Siege. I had to watch it, because I’m blogging about it, and I wanted to force other people to share my pain.
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