clerks 2If you're sitting around wondering what the hell else to do with your long Thanksgiving weekend, then mosey on over to the Clerks 2 site, where the always-entertaining Kevin Smith has posted three spandy-new videos: an intro video, the first video showing Rosario Dawson in the vid series, and a geekerific video with the Whit Norris, Clerks 2 production sound mixer (pictured, right) schooling us on how he records all the fabulous sound effects for the film.

All you geekboys and girls out there will probably dig the prod video the most - you get a behind-the-scenes look at the sound equipment they use to record the dialogue, and you can learn fun facts like how much hard drive space they've already used recording dialouge for the film, and what the red lights and bells mean. It's a pretty cool, albeit short, on-set look at the techie side of what goes on during filming.

The site also has a lot more vids, including "Lights, Camera, Tongue" and "The Tongue Song" -- because you just can't have too much tongue on Thanksgiving weekend. All the videos are available in an iPod Video Compatible version as well, so you kids lucky enough to already own one can get your Kevin Smith-Clerks 2 fix to go. Production on Clerks 2 wrapped on November 18, and the film is now being edited.

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