NarniaYou may not have heard, but there's a lot of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe promotion going on in churches - apparently there's some religious content to the movie, or something. Not to worry, though: non-church goers will also be assaulted by lions, witches, and wardrobes very shortly. In an effort to assure to that no one goes to see a movie without "Narnia" in the title any time soon, Disney is launching a massive promotional push featuring tie-ins with, among other things, fast food, batteries, breakfast cereal, and toilet paper (I'm assuming it's not Aslan-branded or anything).

Out of regard for C. S. Lewis' novel, across the board the promotions are reportedly "sort of notched up a degree in the classy area." What does that mean? Well, the ads will be less "bombastic" than most movie tie-ins. Oh, and "Disney made sure all the partners used talent with British accents for voice-overs in their commercials." Because everyone knows that British accents=class. Just look at Benny Hill.

[via The Narnia Blog]