pirate.jpgDisney's been battling all week to keep spoilers on the currently-in-production Pirates of the Caribbean sequels off the web, but maybe the studio's energy would have been better directed fighting a different kind of menace ... the kind that wears an eyepatch and consorts with talking parrots. Yeah, that's right, you heard me – real-life pirates.

Reports are circulating that two cast members have been "forced to flee for their lives", and production itself has slowed to a halt, after four robberies on the PotC set left cast and crew $20,000 lighter in cash and equipment. Jason Kakebeen, lcation production chief, says that the theives "were able to get into the room with a key and stole everything from laptops, passports, checks, and other equipment. The money they stole was actually the actors' paychecks." He confirmed that the Bahamas Film and Television Board is investigating the attacks, and production has been halted whilst the two aformentioned actors, who he refused to name, are replaced.

Such incidents have been in the news quite a bit of late - after attacks a couple of weeks ago off the coast of Somalia, the International Maritime Board released troubling statistics indicating that piracy has shot up since mid-March across international waters. But when stars start to get involved, you can be sure that something will shortly be done about it.

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