war of the worldsVariety reports the loudest Oscar buzz in the visual effects community is around Steven Spielberg'sWar of the Worlds. The Tom Cruise alien-invasion flick has stiff competition from other effects-heavy films, including The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Batman Begins. Only three films will make the final cut going into the Oscar showdown.

Looking at the films that have won the Visual Effects cat recently, we have Spider-Man 2 last year (Harry Potter was a nom, but didn't win), The Lord of the Rings (three consecutive wins for three consecutive films), Gladiator and The Matrix.

Keeping in mind that Oscar nods in this category tend to go to films that use visual effects well within the context of the story, are innovative, and are overall "good films", what do you think? Does War of the Worlds meet those criteria? We haven't actually seen Narnia and King Kong yet, but from the trailers both films look pretty spectacular. Will Spielberg and Cruise knock-out Aslan and the boy wizard, or will Robert Rodriguez sneak in through the back door with Sin City?

[via Spielbergfilms.com ]