Randolph ScottWestern fans in Boston must be very happy right now: the Harvard Film Archive has put together a Budd Boetticher retrospective, consisting of six of the seven films he made with Randolph Scott as well as Arruza, Boetticher's documentary about a famed Mexican bullfighter, an episode of TV's The Rifleman, and A Man Can Do ThatBruce Ricker's new Boetticher documentary.

Though his genre-jumping career originally didn't get much respect, Boetticher's stature rose dramatically with the emergence of the auteur theory and he's been well-regard ever since, particularly for his work in Westerns. His films with Scott were mostly made for Columbia with relatively low budgets, and served as wonderful showcases for both Scott's "visible stoicism and grace" and the director's own brand of moral ambiguity and spare visual style.

The series opens Friday with A Man Can Do That and Arruza; Riker will attend the screening of his film.
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