jen garnerYou can all stop holding your collective breath - it looks like Jennifer Garner wasn't in labor on Thanksgiving after all. Perhaps she thought she was, went to the hospital, and they sent her home (happens a lot, especially with first-time moms). At any rate, fansite published this pic of Garner hitting Starbucks on the morning of November 25, with her big, cute, belly in tow.

The bigger question is, where was hubby Ben Affleck and why wasn't he the one picking up Starbucks for his very pregnant wife? Wouldn't you love to have heard that conversation when she got back home? "Here's your damn latte. Which I went out to get, in spite of being nine months pregnant and having contractions all night. No, no, don't move off the couch, I'll bring it to you." And knowing how irritable and achy pregnant women are at this point of pregnancy, the photographer here was lucky Garner didn't dump that latte on his (or her) head.

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