Fiend Without a FaceThe original Fiend Without a Face is something of a 50s pulp classic, complete with bland acting, wandering brains, and an unmistakable Cold War context (nuclear mutants!). Given that the film has never been respected for its sheer quality, maybe a remake won't necessarily mean that fans are left depressed and pissed off.

Taking on the task will be producer Dennis Bartok and cheerily-named director Lucky McKee (who recently helmed a Masters of Horror segment). Both men come from strong horror backgrounds, so that aspect of the story could well supersede the sci-fi dimension of the original. According to Bartok, their version will be based more on the 1930s source story (The Thought-Monster by Amelia Reynolds Long) than on the previous movie, and will be set in the southern US instead of on the US/Canadian border. Hopefully further changes won't include an attempt to lose the campy elements of the film - wandering brains actually being scary is nearly impossible to imagine.
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