walktheline.jpgBased on current projections, this'll be Hollywood's second highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend ever, and it's all thanks to a boy wizard and a pill-popping rockstar. Yup, last week's champions held on to their positions, with Harry Potter taking in $81.3 million in five days (that seems like quite a day-for-day drop from it's $100 million opening, doesn't it?) and Walk the Line staying strong with $27.6 million. With the exception of the "Dennis Quaid has too many kids" comedy Yours, Mine, Ours, which opened in third with $24.5 million, most of the frame's new releases fell flat. Rent scratche its way into sixth place with $18.1 million (and based on word-of-mouth, even that probably involved rabid Rentheads and multiple views), and new films starring John Cusack and Usher opened disasterously. Full top ten after the jump.