A week ago, Jason Schwartzman, son of Talia Shire, said that as far as he knew, his mother would not be returning to the Rockyfranchise to reprise her role as Adrian. This made sense to everyone, as Adrian is quite emphatically dead, but apparently Jason did not know very "far"- the LA Times is now reporting that Adrian will indeed exist in the new Rocky film despite her post mortem status. How, you ask? Through the magic of…you guessed it- flashbacks!

Raise your hand if you are surprised by this bit of news. Seriously, I don’t think anyone can read about a new Rocky movie without chuckling at least a little bit. Nobody really seems to give any sort of legitimacy to this new movie, and so new script announcements mostly just meet with barely restrained laugher or outright derision. Poor Rocky may be up against his toughest fight yet- an unrelentingly caustic audience.

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