X3 is going to pull at your heart strings with a stirring dramatic performance by Kelsey Grammer himself! That’s right, a film series that’s built it success on flashy effects and enjoyable action scenes is looking to play the dramatic angle, working an issue that is rather familiar to comic book fans: mutants’ nature as societal outcasts. Some mutants (such as Jean Grey, for instance) can easily assimilate themselves into normal society while others, such as Beast, stand out dramatically in a crowd. While Beast is certainly not short on self-esteem, the new movie plans to probe his inner feelings about his “freakish” nature.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the X-films are attempting to turn into something other than action flicks…but I don’t know that I think it’s the greatest idea – at least not with this angle. I’m already worried enough about the nature of this third film, and now I find out that part of it is turning into a character piece about Beast’s inner feelings? I only continue to have worrisome feelings about X3, and this news doesn’t really do anything to reassure me. Thoughts?

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