Director Christopher Nolan continues to be (rightfully) quiet on details for the upcoming Batman sequel- but if there is one solid fact that he’s sure of, it’s that the film will not be called Batman Continues. On that note, fans everywhere heave a sigh of release. Other Bat Rumors have been picking up steam lately, mostly revolving around the villains of the new installment in the Dark Knight’s new franchise. Comic Book Movie is claiming an exclusive announcement regarding this area; they say that while the Joker is certainly a fact for the new movie (no news there), his character style will depart somewhat from the zany, clownish character known to previous incarnations and will instead take on a somewhat darker and more frightening demeanor. According to their source “the Joker will be an x-factor in the Gotham crime scene, sometimes acting against the Batman and sometimes acting against the Mob still taking orders from the League of Shadows.” The Penguin is also rumored as a possibility, taking on the persona of a Russian arms dealer.

Hoo boy, do I like the sounds of this news. Unlike earlier news about character development for Beast in the X-films, I have complete faith in Nolan’s ability to create a deep and intimidating character piece for the Joker. Can’t you just picture that wide brimmed hat and painted on smile turned into a totally creepy visage under his directorial eye? I know that I can. Delightful.


[via Comic Book Movie]

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