• disneyland.jpgHong Kong Disneyland is averaging 10,000 visitors a day, and Disney's best efforts at publicity aside ("We are in a soft opening phase...our prospects are very good"), that's a far cry from the 15,340 visitors needed to reach the government's yearly expectations. As the state government owns a majority share in the park, the Hong Kong legislature is concerned; their attempts to acquire hard data on park attendance, however, have been met with a resounding "we don't think so" from Disney officials.
  • In an opening weekend that Warner's distribution head is calling "nothing short of sensational", Stephen Gaghan's "it's-all-about-the-oil" thriller Syrianna made $553,372 on just five coastal screens. That's the second best per-screen opening of the year, behind The Corpse Bride.
  • Robert Koehler reviews In the Mix, the Usher extravaganza that wasn't screened for critics. Though that kind of move alone is usually sign that there's a quality issue (see: The Fog), Koehler finds the decision "inexplicable". "Even when Jacqueline Zambrano's ultra-predictable script can't postpone the routine plot machinations any longer, however, pic is never too insulting to the viewer, and works up a fair amount of goodwill by the good graces of Usher's Will Smithian charisma and an extremely attractive filmmaking package".
  • A study shows that  India's box office is also on the decline, and the studios should be concerned – Hollywood films only account for 8% of the country's grosses.
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