Jason Statham in CrankSome new pics, as well as more details surrounding Jason Statham's upcoming film, Crank (first mentioned here), are starting to filter out online and the whole thing has me pretty damn excited. First off, thanks to CineEmpire.com, you can check out the pics here. Okay, now I'll let you fantasize about Statham pinning you down (like in the pic!) and, well, how did I get here? Anyway, Statham's co-star Amy Smart who, apart from starring in an intense action film in order to get away from her "most boring actress on the planet" status, also let us in on some juicy plot info: "It’s not a drug movie! It sounds like one. But I’m working with Jason Statham. He plays this guy who’s a hitman and he’s been shot up with Chinese poison. Through the whole movie, in order to keep alive he has to keep his adrenaline up. It’s kind of like the movie SPEED but in a body. And he tries everything. Everything – grotesque, whatever it is – to keep himself alive. And I’m his girlfriend that’s just in her own world." Why do I have a feeling she just repeated exactly what her agent pitched to her? C'mon you're smarter (lame joke, I know) than that Amy, right? Regardless, the film sounds pretty cool and I look forward to the different ways in which Statham goes about staying all pumped up throughout the film, which is due out sometime in 2006.
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