Angel-A stillLuc Besson, who hasn't directed a film since 1999's critically savaged The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, has been working on his return (Angel-A) under a complete media blackout for months. Though a few details had leaked out - it's in black and white and, according to the film's star, is a "romantic comedy" (based on the trailer, he was either lying or very confused) - until yesterday's release of the trailer, no one really knew anything about the movie.

Since I can't speak French, watching the trailer didn't help me much in terms of story. I can, however, report that the thing is visually magnificent. Every shot has been composed with incredible care, and you can actually feel how elated Besson is to be back behind the camera. I don't even care what the movie is about: at this point, I'd gladly watch it without any subtitles at all, just to see the incredible images.

Angel-A will be released on December 21 in France and a week later in Belgium; so far, it doesn't have distribution anywhere else. (That damn well better change.)

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