the french democracyMachinima, in case you didn't know, is a recent trend of making films and "television" shows using video games. It's an interesting area to watch, but for the most part, machinima is a form that is filled with humor and little serious content. That, however, changes with the release of The French Democracy, a political film about France's riots created using The Movies, a game specially geared to helping you create your own machinima films.

The site hosting the video appears to be slowly succombing to the weight of the combined eyes of the Internet upon it, but save the link and give the film a watch later on. It's lacking some polish, but makes up for it in heartfelt sincerity that you can read in the description of the film: "This is a movie about the recent French riots in suburb. It is fully subtitled in english(sorry for my english, i had some training to do). I hope you will enjoy this movies and have a better understand of what is happening in my country!"

[via BoingBoing]
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