Angelina JolieAccording to The Business Online, Paramount is in negotiations with SCI - the gaming company that owns Tomb Raider and all of its associated characters and whatnot - to make Tomb Raider 3. While by now no one should be surprised by Hollywood interest in anything video game related, it's nevertheless a bit of a shock (to me, anyway) to hear that Angelina Jolie is reportedly interested in reprising her role as the hottest video game character ever. After all, big stars seem to prefer to get out of series while the getting is good, rather than waiting until the almost inevitable flop to leave.

That said, though, I guess the fact that the first two installments in the series made over $400 million means that everyone and their brother is interested in being involved in a possible additional episode. Hell, I think I'm interested.

[via The Movie Blog]
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