Naughty StewardessesFlooding our airwaves with ads for bad movies is not something that movie studios suddenly discovered in the 21st century - radio trailers have been around for a long, long time. Though now they're usually carefully edited, fairly sophisticated (I use that word loosely - did you hear the radio pieces for Elizabethtown?!) pieces of work featuring dialogue from the movie, appropriate music, and emotional voice-overs, in the 1970s they were pretty much just a guy reading a plot summary in his best Important Voice. Though most of these spots have (mercifully?) been lost, one demented/passionate lover of bad movies stumbled upon a pile of 7", studio-issued records and, though the magic of the internets, has offered the audio trailers up for our listening pleasure.

For movies like Angel's Wild Women ("They're hot, hard, and mean!"), Nurses for Sale ("It's all there: the pretty girls, the compromising situations..."), and Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon ("Shock after naked shock."), the spots are just as magnificent as you'd expect. Most of them are endless tales of willing women who seem to do nothing but have sex, and then end with "This movie is rated R. For...adults." (My personally favorite touch is the faint female panting in the background of the one for Naughty Stewardesses.)

What's really disturbing is that I find myself actually wanting to see these movies - but of course it's in an ironic way. No, really.
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