Ferrari 275 GTBIn 1976, French director Claude Lelouch attached a camera to the front bumper of his car and had a friend drive it around Paris. While this initially sounds like a sort of idiotic experiment in traffic, Lelouch's car was a Ferrari 275 GTB, and it's rumored that his friend was Rene Arnoux, a one-time Formula 1 driver.

The resulting movie - it's just one shot, and is almost nine minutes long - is an incredible bit of celluloid adrenaline. The drive takes place just after dawn, and as the car flies down straight avenues and around terrifying turns (including one past the Arc de Triumph), all you can hear is the screech of tires and the unrelenting roar of the car's engine. All I can say is that I am resolutely not into cars, and yet still found myself weirdly moved by the speed and engine noise. The car goes through countless red lights, has too many near misses with other cars, and is barely avoided by a handful of strangely calm pedestrians - all in all, a far cry from Lelouch's better-knownwork.

[via Movie City Indie]
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